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Green Marble Is The Latest Trend You Will Love

Incorporating marble in any area of the home adds charm, elegance, and beauty, but it comes at a hefty price. If you are interested in having marble but want color as well green marble is the way to go.  Green marble is the latest trend to be taking over interior décor here are a few ways to incorporate the trend into your décor.


There’s a naturally trend aspect of having a green marble bathroom sink and counter. It just has this natural coolness to it that makes the room come back to life. Keep it chic by having a large piece of green marble as your sink. The thicker the better.

One of the greatest places you can place a green marble is in the bathroom. The bathroom is typically seen as an area where marble naturally resides in, but this time green marble will be all the rage. Use it as part of your bathroom counter or even as part of the wall for a touch of chic.


Take it to the bathroom for an accent wall that makes a statement from the moment your guests walk in. If you do not want to take it directly to the bathroom space consider having it be a part of your powder room. The powder room is often forgotten but when worked in properly it can be the highlight of the home.

Yes, you read that correctly, green tiles are IN and we are loving it. We love the idea of having green tiles be a part of the home, especially now that the hue is so on trend. Place in the kitchen for an accent wall that’s hard to miss.


The beautiful thing about a green marble wallpaper is the fact that it comes in multiple hues and mixture of colors. It creates a picturesque wallpaper that works well with multiple different hues from vivid brights to pastel neutrals. Add a few pieces that match the wallpaper for the ultimate contrast.

If you love the appearance of green marble, but don’t want to invest in it consider a wallpaper that has a green marble, feel to it. The idea is to have the appearance of marble without the cost. Use the wallpaper as the first step to placing an accent wall that feels unique to the space.

Kitchen Island

In a rustic kitchen with a farmhouse feel to it a green marble kitchen island can make a huge difference due to its rich color and unique texture. The idea is to work the darker hues in with the richness of the wood that already exists in the kitchen. Keep the rest of the decor simple to allow the green marble to take center stage.

Marble seems to have a special place and that is the kitchen. The kitchen seems to be the perfect room in the home to have a bold piece of marble. Consider changing your kitchen island to a green marble island for a unique touch to the room.


If you really want to take it a step further and create a unique area in your home consider having green marble fill the entire room from top to bottom. This is a very intricate look, but it works so well its hard to not want to use it as part of your bathroom or powder room.

Why keep marble only around the home as decor when you can have it as part of your flooring as well. Add marble flooring to areas of your home that need a bit of an upgrade such as the bathroom, the kitchen, or even your entryway. You can choose to have marble as your entire flooring or even create a unique design instead.


If you want to incorporate the green marble trend in your seating but can’t seem to find the perfect accent chair, opt for a rich emerald green chair and pair it with a patterned pillow for the perfect contrast that has the signature marble feel. Add pastel colors around for the perfect contrast.

Seating doesn’t always have to be defined sometimes the space is in need of color and textures. If that is the case, adding a bold seat in green marble could be exactly what the room needs. Pair it with other gem hues or allow it to be the main attraction for a beautiful modern take.

Accent Table

If you are thinking of getting an accent table with a bit of color that is still trendy then a green marble table could be exactly what your decor needs for the perfect touch of gemstone hue. Pair it with other green or blue elements for the best outcome.

Who doesn’t love marble in the living room? Its chic, modern, elegant and excellent for of adding texture to the space. If you want rich color but don’t want to use black marble, green is the way to go. It is beautiful and does not have the heaviness a larger shade of marble would.

Light fixture

The base of your light fixture doesn’t always have to be white or black it can have a bit of color. To add a bit of color consider using a lamp that has a green marble base. This will give off color while still being chic and trendy. The idea is to allow the lighting to be the main focus while still giving off a put together look.

Light fixtures come in all shapes, sizes and even colors. However, if you come across one in green marble take advantage of it and don’t let it go. This is a perfect way to add green marble without disrupting your décor. Place it in any area of the home that is in need of a burst of gemstone color.

Marble Sinks

The chic aspect of having a marble sink is the idea that it is something completely different than what everyone is used to seeing. Not only will this allow the sink to become the focal point of the kitchen but it will provide a color palette that still appears neutral.

There is no easier way to add green marble to your kitchen than to swap out your old sink for a lavish green marble sink. The hue of rich green works well with any décor and will bring out the richness in any darker hue you may already have as part of your kitchen.


Having green marble accessories is the perfect way to incorporate the material in the home in small doses and without disrupting your current decor. The key is having multiple different green marble elements throughout the home at once to fully embrace the decor.

Not ready to commit? Or perhaps you want to test out the color in your décor before fully splurging? If that is the case, consider trying the hue in smaller doses by using accessories. Purchase a few decorative accessories and place them around your home. If you like it you can go ahead and splurge on the large items if not you can always remove them and start over.

Green marble is a huge trend this year. How will you be including it in your current décor? Let us know in the comments below.


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