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Greek luxury villa brings indoors living into the outdoors

How’s this for a luxury villa? Designed by Greek architects Yiorgos Spiridonos, Natasha Deliyianni of React Architects, this dream home located in the seaside paradise of Paros Cyclades, Greece is the perfect spot for some R&R, indoors and out.

The pair of summer homes overlooks the seafront and neighboring Antiparos island, which is visible from this hilltop hotspot. The two homes are connected by their courtyards, which become large observation decks, if you will, that blissfully land somewhere between indoors and out. And indeed, this blurred boundary is the essence of these homes.
While inside, you can’t help but be illuminated by the abundance of natural light and the warm, natural views of open sky and nature. Even when you find yourself within its walls, nature is never far off.
Then, as you step through the floor to ceiling sliding glass walls, you find yourself in outdoor living rooms that are an extension of the indoors, their cool white walls, funky furniture and sense of airy openness creating a continuation of interiors.
Outside, a swimming pool is a Mediterranean oasis, luring you with its siren long of sweet relief from the heat of the day. This clean, contemporary style setting is cool in every sense of the word, from its minimalist adornments to the crisp white architecture of the houses themselves.
And all you have to do is look ahead to see the sea stretching out before you.
React Architects
via Arch Daily
photo credit: Elias Chandelis


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