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Traditional Greek Island Villa with Contemporary Details

Perched high on the edge of Santorini’s world famous caldera, this complex of villas benefits from a dominant position that opens amazing view in all directions. Designed by Giorgos Zacharopoulos, the Aenaon Villas stand out white and proud on the dark background of volcanic geology that characterizes the island. Following the topology of the hill, the seven villas sit on top of one another, overlapping or sticking out like in a child’s construction game, but in full harmony. The arching roofs and windows and the little towers witness for the traditional architecture of the Cyclades, while the interiors show contemporary design and technologies. The interior design is simple yet elegant, with a color scheme made up mainly of whites and wood colors. The wooden frames of the doors and windows are dark brown on the outside, contrasting with the immaculate facades. On the inside, these same windows have been generally painted white like the walls, thus blending into the all white atmosphere. The landscaping is very organic and realized with the natural elements of the site. The walls that create the various terraced levels of the site are made of dark volcanic stones and have mainly a structural role, but they are highly decorative at the same time. The stairs and platforms are shiny white, like light paths guiding the circulation around the villa complex.

The top infinity pool, carved out of the edge of the caldera, offers breathtaking panoramas. The black rocks sticking out on the sides of the pool give it a natural feel, as if the clear blue waters were gathered in a big puddle.
Like the exteriors, the interiors are white with many built-in elements, such as daybeds, stairs and fireplaces.
The social, day areas of the villas are usually under double height arched ceilings. The sofas, armchairs and dining chairs are all covered by crisp white linen covers, that emanate lightness and coolness. The only elements that seem to anchor the interiors to the white polished floors are the heavy wooden tables and low tables. These are also the only other color except for the different shades of white.
The more intimate bedrooms are on the first floor of the villas, either on open mezzanines or nestled under arched ceilings. Where they are not arched, the ceilings expose a white wooden beams structure.
Breezy pergolas are protected by the stone walls on one side and open towards the sea on the other, offering beautiful open air dining rooms.


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