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Classic Greek Home boasts “Integrated Architectural Style”

This classic house in Mikonos, Greece gives this picturesque hotspot a run for its money. Designed by Catalan architect Javier Barba of architecture firm BC Estudio, the house evokes the traditional architectural style of the island, with characteristic elements like domes, rounded walls and a whitewashed facade combined with stone walls that help to “ground” the classic yet modern design.

The exterior’s natural, earthy aesthetic was taken a step further indoors, where an existing slab of rock was integrated into the largely minimalist interiors, exposed to the living and dining areas to create a striking focal point against the cool, clean backdrop of stucco, wood and stone. Stately columns, rounded walls and partial walls with built-in display nooks carry that same distinctive Mediterranean look and feel so prevalent in the exterior.
According to the architects, their designs are based on the concept of “integrated architecture” that that is respectful of nature and its resources while providing a pleasant place to live for its occupants. “It is also bioclimatic architecture, as the projects are oriented so that they enjoy good views and take advantage of natural light while avoiding severe solar conditions.”
Outside, this architectural oasis boasts views of neighboring Delos and Mykonos town, enjoyed from an outdoor entertaining space complete with a pergola and a heavenly infinity pool that’s worthy of the Greek gods.
BC Estudio
via Delood
photo credit: Costas Picadas/ DLux Images


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