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Great Visual Impact Lighting – new oversized lighting series ‘Eight’ by Lucente

“Many meanings are attributed to the number eight: the symbol of infinity, perfection, cleanliness and life,” says designer Sandro Santantonio, the creator of Eight – a modern oversized lighting series by Lucente. Inspired by this perfect number, this contemporary new lighting collection is perfection put into practice. These versatile oversized lamps create great visual impact in any space. Each fixture features dual energy-saving light bulbs which provide direct and indirect light, and can be mounted to the ceiling or wall, vertically and horizontally. The double frame features a front of machine- and laser-cut metal available in glossy chrome, white-coated and copper-painted finishes topped with an opal or glass diffuser, and a back panel of thermoformed colored acrylic. The Eight lamps are available in 20, 30 and 50cm sizes. If you’re looking to make a bigger visual impact, the Eight 1000 comes in a 100cm frame that’s entirely made of metal with a removable and washable elastic fabric cover in white and orange. For more details on this new oversized lighting series, visit Lucente.



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