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Libera lamp from Lucente: Set your style free!

Set your style sensibilities free with the Libera lamp from Italian company Lucente! This chic and contemporary lighting design created by Brian Rasmussen features layers of different-sized aluminum sheets, stacked surrounding a blown glass cylinder to form a sleek, spherical, spiral that makes our head spin and turns the world of lighting on its head! With the flick of a switch, light reflects off these individual plates to create the most alluring pattern that instantly grabs your attention. Say “goodbye” to boring functional fixtures, and make a fashion statement without saying a word. Above a dining table, adorning the living room or defining a sitting area in an open space, the Libera lamp will set your style free! The lamp design comes in matte white finish, and is available as a ceiling-mounted fixture and a hanging pendant available in two sizes. More information is available by visiting Lucente.



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