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Small House, Big Impact with Black Facade, White Interiors

Japanese architecture firm Jun Igarashi Architects designed this cool, compact home design that is black, stacked and packed with tons of space and style. This small but sweet home of just about 1,200 sq. ft. is surprisingly spacious – an important element of Japanese houses where square footage is at a premium. But function never compromises fashion, and House O is a shining example, inside and out. From its bold, black, blocky exterior, to its airy, bright white interiors this cool home is a must-see. Check it out!

This house is located in the small city of Eastern Hokkaido, home to just 7,000 with a low building density – a rarity in Japan. The house enjoys an unusual half-acre site, which gave the architects plenty of breathing room when designing the house.
We love the stark contrast between the home’s ultra modern aesthetic and its natural surroundings. Wild flowers, mountains, and modern architecture – it doesn’t get much better than this!
The house takes shape as a series of boxes, varied in their proportions, grouped together to form an interesting profile of shape and living space.
Like guards encircling some cherished prize, the home’s volumes rise around a secret central garden – hence the name, House O. The corrugated metal exterior adds to the home’s industrial aesthetic.
Beyond its black facade, large windows offer a sneak peek at an unexpected, white interior, setting the stage for minimalist living.
From the outside, you’d never expect an interior like this – awash in white, flooded with natural light, and tall ceilings that open up this boxy structure.
This house plan laughs in the face of the whole open-concept concept. There are lots of walls, corners and privacy.
Windows at different heights add interest, strategic light sources and views.
Tight corners and hallways would make big, bulky furniture impractical. It’s all as well, the minimalist furnishings keep the space simple and serene.
The unadorned walls, few furnishings and non-existent color palette make the unusual angles, tall ceilings and large windows the main focus.
Natural wood floors in a light finish flow continuously throughout the home, warming up its cool aesthetic.
The interior doorways feature interesting, unconventional shapes that echo the home’s exterior silhouette.
The bedroom, accessed through a corner doorway and separated by a floor-to-ceiling privacy curtain – a feature that’s found throughout the house, adding interest and privacy while staying true to the home’s minimalist aesthetic and neutral color palette.
Eastern Hokkaido is a foresting community, and although you wouldn’t see this natural inspiration for the house at first glance, we find it interesting how the stacked house resembles a pile of stacked logs.
Jun Igarashi Architects
photo credit: Iwan Baan


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