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Grand Modernist House in Israel Opens Up to Its Own Courtyard

Joel Jospe Architects have designed a private residence that looks like it was meant to be built seventy years ago. Stone cladding and elaborate roof give it a grand modernist feel.

Huge wooden gates instantly change the direction of the design, although it’s hard not to see it as a potential public office building.

Modernist building has small shuttered windows in its facade
Giant front gate door open into the inner courtyard

As you step through the wide pivoting door, you can see an inner courtyard behind a glass frame. Swimming pool bends, and turns shallow to create a decorative water feature crowned with an accent boulder.

Interior looks quite eclectic with its farmhouse-style beamed wooden ceilings and endless glass walls. Both the public and private quarters open up to the fenced inner courtyard filled with outdoor lounge areas and greenery.

Blinds, shutters, and curtains are ready at any minute to increase privacy in every room, but it’s not as critical, since all indiscretion is directed toward a private yard.

Grand Modernist House in Israel

Flower beds surround the area
Its wooden texture amplified from metallic accents
A framed glass wall separates the inner courtyard from the gate
Beamed ceiling gives the house a farmhouse feel
TV stand accommodates a double-sided glass fireplace, and separates the living area from kitchen
Glass sliding walls allow access to the courtyard with a swimming pool
Bright colorful accents liven up the neutral color scheme
Seating area in the kitchen corner
TV speakers are slender and almost inconspicuous
Double-sided fireplace filled with stones serves multiple areas
Blinds help increase privacy of the seating area
Three grouped coffee tables are better than one
Live flowers never fail to decorate
Two kitchen islands serve as working space
Impressive pendants accentuate modernity of the interior
Open plan kitchen has views of all the public areas including generous dining
Minimalist furnishings provide plenty of storage space
Dining room set is elegant but modern
A high fence protects the outdoor lounge areas from privy eyes
Dining room window features heavy wooden shutters
Outside view of living areas
Outdoor dining and lounge areas are abundant
Bedroom with swimming pool access boasts an interesting feature wall design
Light curtains provide bedroom with privacy
Outside view of bedroom
Bath clad entirely in black marble has an inbuilt planter flanking the tub
Home office has everything a modern worker might need

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