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Graceful Helical Balustrade Cells by EeStairs

This helical Cells™ staircase by EeStairs® has been created for and installed in an Eco-friendly barn in the heart of England. The Cells™ staircase starts from a corner of the house and it gracefully spirals up using the two walls as structural fixing points. The balustrade system is here much smaller than usual in order to comply with imposed security size regulations. The balustrade gently curves from the ground floor to reach the mezzanine level. From there it leads onto a link bridge, running from one end of the barn to the other. It replaces the original bridge, which was made of very large oak beams in a much more rustic and visually heavier style that was cutting in half the otherwise fantastic double height void. The new bridge is made in a slender steel EeSoffit™ structure, which impacts less the overall volume of the barn. The transparent glass planks and the lightness of the balustrade make this bridge a very refined but important element of the interior. The integrated LED lighting gives a ghost-like feel to the structure, creating a theatrical suspense. At night, when illuminated, the staircase and link bridge are a breathtaking sight to guests and hosts alike.



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