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Going Green in Chicago – Carbon-Thrifty Contemporary Home

Looking for a little “green” in Chicago’s city centre? You’ll find it in this modern, stylish yet eco-friendly house designed by architect and contractor William James of Chicago-based firm James & Kutyla Architecture. The owners of this contemporary home, Frances Whitehead and James Elniski, purchased the 3,000-sq.-ft. brick building in 2004, and were steadfast in their pursuit of all things Green. The couple installed wind turbines on the roof to provide an alternate source of energy. It is here that you’ll also find photovoltaic and thermal panels, as well as trays of artificial soil and plants designed to absorb rainwater to keep it out of the city’s storm drainage system. The home also includes a number of interior eco-friendly features, like geothermal and radiant heating, and water-saving appliances like dual-flush toilets, a low-flow showerhead, an 18-inch dishwasher and an all-in-one washer-dryer. James & Kutyla Architecture
Read the entire story by Mimi Read in The New York Times.
Images are courtesy of The New York Times.



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