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Carbon Fiber Chandelier by LU Murano: TechnoLUgy

LU Murano has created a new and impressive alternative to glass chandeliers in the creation of TechnoLUgy, a carbon fiber chandelier made from moulds of original LU blown glass chandeliers. What is most exciting about the carbon fiber creations is the lightness of the final product. The original glass versions are 10x the weight of the TechnoLUgy versions and of course, the carbon fiber fixture is also far less fragile. Created by Fabio Fornasier after extensive research and experimentation, the new LU Murano product is a contemporary light fixture with its roots firmly planted in tradition.

Aside from being 10x lighter then glass and far less fragile, TechnoLUgy combines craftsmanship, technology and artistic expression to create modern designs that are less delicate and more graphic then their glass counterparts. In this version, the organic shapes take on an almost animalmorphic form with outreaching arms and glowing tips.
While carbon fiber does not have the transparencies of glass, it does have an endless choice of colour, texture and pattern capability, making the TechnoLUgy easily adaptable to any customized design. The high resistance of the carbon fiber also makes it far more adaptable to special environments such as yachts and float homes.
This particular example of TechnoLUgy shows off just what can be done through LU Murano. The tone on tone patchwork diamond design offers both a subtle texture and a boldly reflective surface. The glowing tips create sparkles throughout the carbon fiber surface not that much different then had the surface been the original glass design.
From Fabio Fornasier; “Precisely owing to the material it is made of, this chandelier is an indubitable departure from Murano chandelier making, but it’s the start of a new voyage in the matching of diverse materials. An experiment that I believe in a lot and that I have been carrying on for some time. It will interpret a chandelier more present day fashion and will bring craftsmanship closer to design and art.”
LU Murano


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