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Glass Washbasin from Cazana Design – Gondola washbasin

Let your imagination flow free with the Gondola washbasin… a wonderful glass washbasin from Cazana Design. The lack of solid visual boundaries is a great asset of a clear glass washbasin, and this allows for Cazana Design’s highly innovative approach. Underneath the Gondola vessel is an open display area, letting you create your own style with any small objects of your choice. This makes for an intriguing, magical experience, as you view the collection whilst washing your hands. A peaceful, seaside effect can be achieved through the use of pebbles and shells; a nature-inspired feel can be created using dried leaves and flowers; an abstract display could involve any number of small objects, from marbles, to clothes pegs, to feathers. You’ll never tire of the endless possibilities presented by the Gondola washbasin from Cazana Design.



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