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Glass Heating Panel from Thermoglance – the new way of heating

This glass heating panel from Thermoglance moves us away from traditional metal radiators into a new way of heating – with glass. Streamlined and elegant, the glass heating panel will subtly add to the aesthetics of a room. Thermoglance radiators can be controlled by a chronothermostat which detects the room temperature and adjusts the heat accordingly. So easy to install, the floor or wall-mounted heating panels simply need an electric power socket. Space-saving, stunning and silent, glass heating panels are the way of the future. If this Thermoglance radiator inspires you – see past Trendir articles for a glass radiator by Sprinz that can be customized with your own photo or print; a handy patterned glass heater from Prefit; a glass towel warmer by Thermique; or a Sciroccoh screen radiator that looks like a piece of art.


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