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Towel Warmer from Thermique – the new Free Standing Glass Towel Warmer

Nothing is nicer than wrapping up in warm toasty towels after a luxurious bath, and with the new Free-Standing Glass Towel Warmer by Thermique you can add both heat and glamour. With a sleek metal frame and a patented heated-glass technology, the Free Standing Glass Towel Warmer has a light open presence. The modern minimalist design brings a sharp and sophisticated style to a normally heavy and tubular product. Made to the highest standards, Thermique is extremely quiet and energy efficient, surrounding you in warm comfort no matter how chilly it is outside. A fabulous addition to spas, pools and cabanas the glass towel warmer subtly complements glamorous interiors and designs. A stunning radiator of glass and metal, the Glass Towel Warmer from Thermique is available for between $1,000 and $1,500.


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