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Glass Countertops – give your kitchen a high-end look

Glass countertops are in trend… giving your kitchen that upscale look. Besides looking luxury, glass countertops are very practical – the less porous glass makes them the most hygienic and the texture helps to hide scratches, finger prints and dust. Easy to clean and hard to brake tempered glass is a material of choice for today’s many contemporary homes. ThinkGlass makes some uniques glass counter tops for kitchen and bathroom.

At ThinkGlass, you can choose from standard options for colors, edges and texures or create your unique design by adding an artistic rendering. Counters can be produced up to 1.5″ thick. They can provide you with any size and shape up to 86″ x 130″.
Bring up natural Green in glass with AquaGlass choice of color (left) or smooth the edges (right)


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