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Giant Adjustable Floor Lamp with Dimmer by Anglepoise

These giant floor lamps could light up a stadium! Three times the size of normal lamps, they are designed by George Carwardine, who was actually the automotive engineer who patented the ‘Anglepoise’ design in 1932. The company has been making this well-known design for over 80 years. We’ve all had this style lamp sitting on our desk but who has ever seen a giant like this? These lights are on dimmers and sit on heavy bases on casters, for mobility. (You’ll love this light so much you’ll want to take it from room to room.) This is the second extended color palette release: the “Anglepoise Giant1227 Vivid Range” and it comes in delicious colors like raspberry red, citrus yellow and fresh green. Construction is aluminum arms and joints, aluminum shade and stainless steel fittings and it comes with its own dimable halogen bulb already in place. This Giant, at over eight feet tall, was clearly meant to last, both in functionality and design. Here’s to another 80 years, this time with the “Giant”.

The Giant, in “fresh green”.
The Giant, in “citrus yellow”.
The “vivid” color palette.
Other available colors.
More information: Anglepoise


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