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Gazebo-Style House With Wood Shutters

Located in a small Czech town, this family home by OV-A Architects is more than it seems at first glance. Covered on every edge by slatted wood paneling, the abode is designed to mimic the functions of a gazebo. The wood paneling is actually foldable and movable along the home, even able to be rearranged to create new indoor/outdoor rooms. The structure of the moving panels gives a large roof overhang on certain edges of the house, protecting occupants from sunlight on a lot devoid of major tree life. Additionally, the panels give the homeowners their choice of varying levels of privacy, with the ability to expose each major room or to isolate it from the surroundings. Its interior reflects this ideology as well, with curtained glass walls and configurable space.

This structure is low and flat like many contemporary residences, but differentiates itself by the way of its wooden cladding, which can fold and move out of the way to expose the glass walls of the building. This brings all the connection to the outdoors embodied by a glass house without the isolation needed to actually live in one.
Beyond the wood-slat shutters is a wide deck surrounding the actual structural walls of the dwelling. This means that even with the shutters open, residents can be fully protected from the elements.
The shutters can be moved and folded in a variety of creative ways, ranging from a privacy-bound full covering of the house to an almost completely open configuration.
Luxurious dark wood flooring contrasts with minimal white furniture. The room divisions of the home’s public spaces are all in the form of glass walls and doors, done in the same style as the outer walls of the building.
Continuing the theme of dignified simplicity, the bathroom of the home sticks to a formula of pleasing shades and smooth textures. The wood finish here is lighter than in other rooms, providing a slightly different environment for relaxation.
OV-A Architects


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