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Garden Table and Bench from Zanotta – elegant steel frame

The Garden Table and Bench from Zanotta is a perfect modern addition for your chic backyard area. Whether for dining or just a seating area, the steel frame is a sturdy but elegant decor item to your deck or garden. The table and benches are painted white or graphite for contemporary and modern looks. The table comes with an 8-mm thick laminate top, so you don’t have to worry about putting an ugly “outdoor” tablecloth out, just simply wipe off the table at the end of a meal. Upholstered seat cushions with removable fabric covers are available for the benches. A little splash of color on the benches will draw your eyes around the table, while not taking away from the clean, crisp lines of the table and benches themselves. The Garden Table and Bench are available online from Zanotta.



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