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Futuristic house where contemporary art meets modern living

Spanish architecture firm A-cero has come up with an innovative way to inject a little wow into the everyday. In fact, there is nothing conventional about this ultra modern home, from its unusual futuristic exterior to its forward thinking, contemporary style interiors.

Located in Madrid, the B&N House teeters between modern art and residence, from the ground up. Its sculptural roof features an unusual curved lip that leads the eye upward. This bold, visually weighty top seems to contradict the laws of gravity by balancing on barely there walls of glass which enclose the main living area. It almost looks as though it’s just floating in thin air.
Surrounding the main level just on the outside of the glass, a tiled deck is the picture of elegance, bathed in white with minimalist, modern furnishings for a fabulous lounging area to rival that of any nightclub. A swimming pool rounds out this socialization and relaxation area.
On the inside, the vibe is very much the same – cool, clean and futuristic. As you look around, your eyes dart from one interesting detail to the next, not stopping for more than a minute or two before being attracted by something different, something totally unexpected.
Overhead, artfully arranged and exposed beams create something of a controlled chaos, like a sculpture hovering up above. Not that there’s a shortage of artistic elements at eye level.
Shaped panels, paintings and sculptural furnishings transform this house into a contemporary art gallery.
Even the fireplace, a traditional element in most homes, takes an unpredicted shape.
The bedrooms are a dream come true, each with its own intricacies and eccentricities. One boasts a bold black and white palette, while another is awash in blue and white, and a third features an illuminated feature wall that becomes the instant focal point.
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