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Funky Industrial Coffee Table by Craft Modern

This funky table from Craft Modern would look great in almost any room. It’s industrial looking, yes, but there’s enough funky in there to bridge any style. Called the Gira Table, it can be ordered from their website – in modular components. Easy to assemble, it consists of a t-slot aluminum post and decorative, anodized, aluminum legs that fasten to the slots. And the aluminum post can be ordered in any length from 6″ – 24″ for a custom height table. The legs come in two different designs that mix and match, as long as the height is the same. And it comes in your choice of nine colors! Between the leg height, design and colors – the style of table you can create really is wide open. Create a custom piece, order online and it ships right to your door. Funky, industrial and convenient. We love it!



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