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Fun Kids Room Designs by Dan Pearlman

The fun kids room designs you see here were created by Dan Pearlman for the kids’ psychiatry ward at a German hospital – a great example of thoughtful, appropriate and wellness promoting design. Architects worked along with doctors to devise this interior concept that facilitates communication and promotes comfort and enjoyment. The goal is to avoid this clinical atmosphere and instead introduce color and life. The color scheme is what struck me right away. On a backdrop of neutral colors, green, orange and blue play the major roles. With good reason, too. Green, orange and blue are all colors that have been linked to calmness, healing and cooperation – the perfect message you want to be sending in such a space. Notice there is no purple or fire engine red. Purple is an introspective color and bright red is very exciting – so you can see these are not appropriate colors for this environment. Next, the furniture choices are great – soft, curved, modular, playful – allowing for an adaptable, safe, and lively yet comfortable environment. These room designs are so great, and really appropriate for any kid – in a hospital, at home or at school.



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