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French Bathroom Inspirations from Yves Pertosa Group

Using their signature combination of luminous light and color, the Yves Pertosa Group present the Evolution line of bathroom designs. Clear lines and vivid, glowing hues characterise their fabulous French looks. Light can be found emanating from various locations around the bathrooms to highlight the individual features and create an atmosphere suitable for relaxation, seduction or invigoration. It radiates out from behind wall-mounted mirrors; behind the bathtub; the floor; or even within the water feature itself… coloring the water to startling effect. You can enjoy these bathrooms with all of your senses – even sound plays a part – as water cascades down into tubs arranged to form an indoor waterfall! Timeless classics, these bathroom looks are created with natural materials such as stone, wood, and lacquers. In the design below, pebbles are inlaid into the floor and walls to create an organic environment. With over 30 years in bathroom design, the French experts in bathroom design, Yves Pertosa Group, continue to inspire…


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