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Freestanding Tub Clothilde by Waterworks

waterworks clothilde freestanding tub Freestanding Tub Clothilde by Waterworks
The Clothilde freestanding tub by Waterworks has Old World style and charm without sacrificing its modern sensibility. This unique tub exhibits a rather classic form, with subtle and sensual curves, while maintaining a simplicity that is inherent to modern design. The characteristic that makes this tub a real showstopper is the finish. The exterior of this vessel features a shiny copper patina that gives depth and dimension to its surface. The interior surface is a distressed tin that creates a rich contrast with the copper to produce an overall elegant, yet unexpected look. This large tub, at 70 1/4″l x 33″w x 29 1/4″d provides ample space for one or two bathers. Buy it from Waterworks for $29,000.



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