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Foster faucet line from Rubinetterie Stella – industrial classicism

With large rings and circular arches, Foster faucets are ergonomic and have an essence of raw industrialism. The large steering wheel like rings are iconic and easy to adjust. Like the old wheels used on industrial plumbing, the Fosters faucets bring this imagery into a sleek modern style. The high spout faucet has a slim curved pipe, which offers simplicity, while the tub mixers large form offers the intriguing function-defined shapes so often found in industrial works and factories. The range includes mixers for basin, tub, bidet, high spout, and shower. The Foster faucets have specifically avoided sharp protrusions, for a safety conscious design. Applied over a nickel coat, the high quality finish is available in matte or polished chrome. By Rubinetterie Stella, the Forster line offers a faucet of industrial classicism.


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