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Formal Sofas for a Formal Foyer – unusual sofa Koja from Bla Station

The Koja sofa from Bla Station is just the thing to stop you dead in your tracks – the vivid red color makes this formal sofa really stand out in your formal foyer… we think the foyer is where this unusual sofa fits best. Here’s one design recommendation… To decorate a large foyer or a formal entrance, add a huge floor-to-ceiling mirror, a hairy furry white carpet, and, together with this red sofa, it’ll make a very ‘effective’ modern statement. And don’t just stick it in the corner – it needs a lot of space around it to produce the desired effect. On the other hand … this unusual sofa design is all about versatility. Created by Fredrik Mattson, this formal sofa lets you go big or small, depending on your space and your style. The wood frame comes in a variety of finishes, including dramatic black stain or naturally lacquered ash veneer, among others. A high backrest and soft cushions cocoon you into pure, cozy comfort. Removable polyether foam and down cushions come upholstered in supple leather or fabric for a luxurious look and feel. For more info on this modern sofa design, visit Bla Station.



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