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Flowing Interior Design in Concrete and Glass

Located in the Canary Islands, La Casa del Sol by Corona & P. Amaral is a perfect example of coherent and flowing interior design. Made of mostly concrete and glass with accents of wood used throughout the house, it seems to be a seamless whole. Some of the furniture seems to be growing out of the floor, namely the dining table and bathtub, which add to the feeling of consistency and unity of the interior. The glass walls can be opened or shut and display a fantastic view which serve to bring the exquisite natural surroundings and light right into the home. The windows of the bathroom and bedroom have lovely wooden shutters to provide some privacy. The open floor plan and custom-built wall units make this space weightless and breezy. It’s almost as though one doesn’t walk through this space but instead, floats through it, all thanks to its flawless design. For more information about this contemporary home interior, visit Corona y P. Amaral Architects.
via DigsDigs.



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