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Flo Pedestal Sink and Faucet by Patrick Messier from Nova68

This fabulous designer sink has been designed to be a completely freestanding pedestal sink system. Using minimalist style, the Flo pedestal sink and faucet are easy to clean while offering a sharp modern design. The square Flo sink tapers down to meet the stainless steel plinth beneath it. Made of Perspex acrylic resin, the white sink glows and gleams with captured light. The Flo faucet is a simple pipe that bends sharply above the sink. An innovative control adjusts the flow and temperature easily, even one handed. By pulling the spout the water flow increases, while twisting it adjusts the temperature. The rushing water dramatically arches into the sink. Available from Nova68 for $2,400, the Flo Pedestal Sink offers the best of modern design; both convenience and beauty in a single well planned package.


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