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First Contemporary Zero Footprint Eco House in Southern Spain

Architectural firm Diseno Earle of Spain has designed the first zero carbon footprint home in Andalucia, Southern Spain. The contemporary eco-house uses the location’s natural elements in its design to make it 80 per cent more energy efficient than a comparable house, producing 75 per cent less waste, and resulting in reduced operating costs. This modern home’s eco-friendly features start with its sustainable construction methods and materials. Set on a steep 45º slope, the first thing you’ll notice on the eco-villa is its roof – perched like a pair of wings above the three-storey, 6,996-sq.-ft. house. The roof’s angle maximizes the function of its solar panels, while also hiding them from view. The space between the roof and house also allows air to pass through, creating a cooling effect. A “floating” glass walkway leads to the front entrance and into the home, where a modern double-height glass atrium offers panoramic views. The extensive glass used in this unusual design creates a “double skin” effect, further preventing heat absorption. The home’s main living area sits above a water canal, which works to cool the home from beneath. Heating, on the other hand, comes via a photovoltaic system that runs electricity to a radiant heating system in the floor. The innovative hinged walls can be opened or closed to release and contain heat as needed, and a geothermal system acts as a heating/cooling back-up. Diseno Earle



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