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Rustic Wood Fireplace by Invicta – Tipi

Make a striking statement in your home with this rustic style wood fireplace by Invicta. The Tipi fireplace features an authentic, cottage-chic look with its Charcoal finish and unusual shape. Behind its glass doors, you’ll enjoy the flickering flame and warmth – both in ambience and temperature. Blending a traditional look with a modern twist, the aptly named Tipi fireplace features a tipi-shaped firebox topped with an extra-tall chimney that extends right up to the ceiling for a custom-fitted feature. Create a comfy cozy living room or den, an inspired library or an inspiring home office, put one in the kitchen while you’re at it, and really crank up the temperature in the bedroom – hubba, hubba! You’re sure to fall in love with this chic wood fireplace design. Check it out at Invicta.



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