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Fine Tibetan Carpets by Endless Knot Rug Company – the Lhasa authentic carpets

In the early 60s political change encouraged thousands of Tibetans to settle in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Using traditional skills and techniques, the refugees started a cottage industry for fine Tibetan carpet weaving. As European and American travellers have discovered the lavish quality and beauty of fine Tibetan carpets, they have grown in popularity and embraced western styles. In the Lhasa collection, Endless Knot Rug Company supplies fabulous traditional carpet designs in large format perfect for western homes. Featuring local images of birds, flowers and dragons, the Lhasa collection offers elegant eastern ambiance in the finest of hand crafted flooring. Each carpet has 60-100 knots per square inch and the price varies with size. The orange Shinglo shown is 4’x6’ and has 60 knots per inch for $480. The blue Kalsang is 3’6” x 6’ with 80 knots per inch for $525. Endless Knot Rug Company provides eastern magic and Tibetan handcrafted luxury in the comfort of home.


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