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Fat Boy Buggle-up: The Ultimate Beanbag Chair

fat boy buggle up the ultimate beanbag chair 1 thumb 630xauto 38525 Fat Boy Buggle up: The Ultimate Beanbag Chair

The name “Buggle-up” surely was developed to rhyme with Snuggle-up, but nonetheless it is a perfect chair to snuggle up in! Doesn’t it look comfortable? And the colors are awesome – and they are UV resistant so you can loll in the sun on this chair all you want. You can snuggle solo or with another, depending on the position of the straps. And you can even create one large lounge pillow to use as a multiple person floor seat – do you see a Moroccan home-cooked dinner in your future? The colors are certainly appropriate! And there are 14 vibrant hues to choose from. While the material is certainly durable, you should treat this like any outdoor cushion and tuck it away when it rains – you want it to last forever, don’t you? It can be washed with lukewarm water and soap, and if it starts to flatten a bit after all the use you’re going to give it – you can purchase replacement filler. The Buggle-up really does combine ultimate comfort with outdoor living – can you see a few of these scattered around the pool? Or around the fire pit for cuddling up at night? Wherever you put it, you’ll be snuggling!

fat boy buggle up the ultimate beanbag chair 2 thumb 630xauto 38527 Fat Boy Buggle up: The Ultimate Beanbag Chair

Bright, vibrant colors add to the fun of this beanbag chair.


The material is rugged and easy to care for – it cleans up with light soap and lukewarm water.


Snuggle up in a Buggle-up!


More information: Fat Boy



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