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Exotic Loft in Australia Mixes Styles to Perfection

The Rural Building Company took this and that and everything else and put it into their project in Perth, Australia to create the most exotic loft.

Its very facade will convince you that it’s a no ordinary home or another clever conversion. Slanted roof and angular shapes characterize the facade that moves in a dynamic dance of contrasting materials and textures.

Cool Australian home by The Rural Building Company
Unique facade is quite telling about the interior

Using wood, light slat siding, and plaster, the creative team did an incredible job of putting together a contemporary home that is full of interesting details.

Open layout allows residents to socialize but also regulate privacy with help of light curtains. A curtained loft bedroom that overlooks the public zone makes for a beautiful and intriguing interior element.

The kitchen organically connects to the outdoors where residents can relax under an awning during especially hot days. And a fully open circular wooden terrace makes for a better spot for catching an evening breathe.

Exotic Loft House in Australia

Well-designed outdoor lounge areas are all in one style
An outdoor kitchen has a visual link to the indoor one
A medium-height fence provides residents with more than enough privacy
Wicker furniture looks cozy and inviting
Open plan combines the living area and kitchen
A TV wall is a wooden unit with shelves that acts as a room divider
Lightweight curtains allow to increase privacy further if necessary
Family, media, and living room seem to have been amalgamated into one spacious zone
Another seating area has its own TV unit
Modern kitchen in white and wood has plenty of daylight and views of backyard
Most of storage resides on the lower level to give way to windows
A double round sink sinks deep into the thick Corian countertop
A cool wooden light almost seems storage-friendly
Between the kitchen and living zone there is a dining area
Untreated dining table adds detail to clean modern aesthetics
Second floor stands separate from public zones even though it has glass walls
Continuing the warm wood aesthetic staircase leads to the second floor
Dining area really benefits from the are rug that gives it a more homey look
Glass transoms allow to harvest more daylight
That curtained second-floor room accommodates a bedroom
Exotic rugs and prints make the interior even more intense
Stone-clad bathroom has grandeur to it
Transoms are the perfect bathroom windows, if you like privacy
Frosted glass separates the shower
Wall-to-wall bathroom mirror trend in practice
Second bedroom

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