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European Tubs from Gruppo Treesse – MP3 Player, Leather, Glass, Wood and more

It is impressive to see how one company manages to create such a distinct variety of modern contemporary tubs. Gruppo Treesse is experimenting with leather, wood, glass and modern plastics to craft European tubs that fit many different life styles, each is a modern statement of its own. Visit Gruppo Treesse website for details.
Calypso Cliliegio wooden tub
The sleek wooden Calypso Cliliegio tub appears as a very light-weight design where a few simple details create an inviting touch, in Cherry or Wenge wood.
Inside tub
The high-tech ellipse-shaped Inside tub is equipped with a hidden waterfall faucet, soft cushions and MP3 player, and is designed to be the center of the bathroom.
Milo Glass & Leather Tub
The very modern leather and glass Milo tub is Japan-inspired and is unconventional as it can be, a two-person European tub offered in 4 colors with leather or wood headrests.
Epoca Egg tub
And finally, the egg-shaped Epoca Egg tub with a concave profile and a skirt that make it so elegant outside and comfortable inside.

Milo Tub detail
Inside tub comes with MP3 player
Epoca Egg tub from top


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