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Enjoy Hot Stone Therapy with Cleopatra Chaise Lounge from Alemanno

Alemanno Chaise Lounge Cleopatra basic
If you fancy yourself a sport-loving princess, you’ll need a befitting place to recline, such as the sensational handcrafted limestone Cleopatra Chaise Lounge from Alemanno with natural heat radiation. Designed by an eminent doctor of hot stone therapy, Prof. Dr. Med. Billingham, the chair is primarily for people concerned with their health and wellness. Shaped from a single block of limestone – the chaise lounge supports and comforts with gentle radiant heat from deep within. To ensure the warmth is targeted correctly, an optional thermostat can control three independent heat zones at the legs, hips and shoulders. There is a neck cushion adjustable to the perfect position, and the raised position of your legs will aid total relaxation. The Cleopatra chaise lounge can be used inside or out, and is available in three timeless designs. A modern take on classic elegance, and ancient therapeutic techniques, the Cleopatra from Alemanno is certainly no ordinary item of furniture.
Alemanno Chaise Lounge Cleopatra shown with solid wooden base
Alemanno Chaise Lounge Cleopatra shown with a women taking therapy


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