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Energy Star Certified Homes by ZeroEnergy Design

Based in Boston, architecture and energy consulting firm ZeroEnergy Design stayed true to its name in this modern eco sustainable home, which treads lightly on the land and is a vision of self-sufficiency and Earth-friendly living. Located in Orleans, Massachusetts, the 2,300-sq.-ft. sustainable house is bright orange on the outside, but it’s green everywhere else. The eco house design features eco friendly elements like a grid-tied solar electric system, solar hot water system, radiant floors, a hydro air system, an energy recovery ventilator, open and closed cell spray foam insulation, rigid insulation and Energy Star-certified HERS 39. Outdoor entertaining areas abound with an open front porch and rooftop deck that puts you among the treetops. Adjacent to the deck, a lushly rooftop garden is “green” threefold, acting as an insulator, reducing storm-water runoff, and housing 2.5 kilowatts of solar electric panels delivering 30 per cent of the home’s electricity. This rooftop garden house features additional renewable and recyclable details like bamboo flooring, recycled glass tile and FSC certified Garapa wood used for the porch and rooftop deck. ZeroEnergy Design
via Contemporist
eco sustainable homes zero energy design 1 Energy Star Certified Homes by ZeroEnergy Design
eco sustainable homes zero energy design 2 Energy Star Certified Homes by ZeroEnergy Design




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