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Emeco Recycled Aluminum Chairs – Hudson is designed by Phillipe Starck

Emeco recycled aluminum chairs Phillipe Starck design
The dazzling Emeco Recycled Aluminum Chairs are iconic pieces designed by Phillipe Starck, and named ‘Hudson’ after the Hudson Hotel in New York. Upright, simple, and with a seat molded for comfort, these modern classic chairs come in three different finishes, from the positively gleaming, to the understated matte. You can also choose from an armchair or a simple dining chair. These days, fashion must also have a treasured, the team of Starck and Emeco together do the world a favour. The content of recycled aluminum in the chairs is 80%. Half is post-consumer (pop cans) and half is post-industrial (scrap from manufacturing) and they are totally American made, in Hanover PA. Great looks and a clear conscience – what could be better? Contact Emeco for more information.
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Emeco Phillipe Starck aluminum chairs on cowhide rug
Emeco Phillipe Starck Hudson collection

Phillipe Starck aluminum chairs next to coffee table
Phillipe Starck aluminum chairs with dining table


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