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Mademoiselle Chair Dolce & Gabbana Philippe Starck Kartell

‘Refined elegance’ sums up the distinctive shape of the Philippe Starck Mademoiselle Chair design by Kartell. The Mademoiselle Chair has been interpreted by a number of top designers: here Dolce & Gabbana give us their own truly fabulous take, which is nothing less than what would be expected from these purveyors of style. The soft seat is wide and inviting, yet sumptuously indulgent in the animal print cover. This beautiful covering is combined with the aesthetically appealing lines of the smooth black legs of the Mademoiselle Chair. Ladylike and individual, the design of the chair is a modern classic. An innovative addition to your home, Philippe Starck’s Mademoiselle Chair interpreted by Dolce & Gabbana is from Kartell, and is priced at US $657.59 or GB £321.84 at Questo Design.


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