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Elegant Modern Vanities – Piaf vanity designs by Foster

Italy’s Foster is the name behind the fresh face of bathrooms – these elegant modern vanities will take your bathroom from blah to beautiful with one simple addition. The Piaf vanity designs boast a minimalist appeal in their simple lines, but it’s not bare-bones for these beauties. The unusual curving countertops of these modern vanities add some “oomph” to a fully functional essential. The arched countertop cradles a sink, and beneath it is a cabinet available in a range of cool colors and finishes to suit your style and your space. Storage is simple with this elegant bathroom essential – conceal your potions and lotions behind the cabinet doors or place them on the built-in shelf for a clean, uncluttered look to complement your minimalist bathroom design. To check out the contemporary Piaf vanity collection visit Foster.



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