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Electronic Faucet Feeling from Silfra – clean one touch operation

Electronic faucet from Silfra - Feeling
Modern, stylish and hygienic: the Feeling electronic faucet from Silfra. An angular faucet that operates at the touch of a button, the Feeling has a futuristic attraction. Gently glowing red or green dots indicate the hot and cold functions – gone is the lever control of past times! Water comes immediately and accurately, with the temperatures pre-set by the system to the perfect levels. To start the flow of water you simply tap the dot. To turn off the flow, you tap again. If a child or guest forgets to turn off the water, don’t worry, it will automatically cease flowing. To conserve energy the Feeling faucet is equipped with a ‘stepping motor’ and a low-voltage solenoid valve. A gorgeous faucet from Silfra.
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