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Electronic Bathroom Faucet from Silfra

silfra electronic bathroom faucet Electronic Bathroom Faucet from Silfra
Silfra present a new electronic bathroom faucet. While most electronic faucets today fall short of presenting nice aesthetics, Silfra’s design is just an opposite – this clean contemporary faucet makes a perfect choice for a style-oriented modern bathroom. Silfra are an Italian company that pride themselves on using new technologies and high quality materials. The electronic Model #232 stands proudly. The adjustment knob on the side controls the temperature, while the sensor on front turns the water on with a simple wave of the hand. Electronic faucets are extremely hygienic, and their gleaming surface is never soiled with fingerprints. Finished in chrome, the 232 Silfra electronic bathroom faucet is a simple and functional piece of design.



One thought on “Electronic Bathroom Faucet from Silfra

  1. I thinks it’s cool and all but I thought the point was to save on money not waist it. More things more things to worry about. A light goes out now I have to call a plumber to fix a lite also.. I am good.. But there is a sucker born ever day

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