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Electrolux 4Springs kitchen faucet brings you cold, filtered water ready to drink!

Electrolux 4Springs filtration kitchen faucet
The Electrolux 4Springs kitchen faucet is a wise choice for people who value clear, cold water to drink straight from the tap. The 4Springs subjects the water to a patented process of microfiltration that reduces bacteria, removes chlorine and filters all the impurities. Filtering the water as it comes out eliminates the need for bottled water in the home, a great choice if you are concerned about the effect of plastic bottles on the environment. The Electrolux 4Springs is a mixer tap, the hot and cold functioning as normal with handles either side of the base. The filtration process takes place when you pull the lever on the front handle forward, then good tasting water will flow. With the gorgeous sweeping ‘u’ design and clever functionality, the 4Springs kitchen faucet from Electrolux is an excellent choice for the forward-looking family.
Electrolux 4Springs is a mixer tap with side handles for hot and cold water
Electrolux 4Springs starts filtration when front lever is pulled forward


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