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Economical Prefab in Oslo, Norway – Modern Boxhome highlights eco-friendly living in Scandinavia

As northern natives, one issue was top of mind when the minds at Rintal Eggertsson Architects took to designing modern and functional homes – climate. Thus, the unpredictable, often harsh weather of Oslo, Norway, played a large role in the final outcome of the Boxhome project – a contemporary house design which is as notable for its function as its fashion appeal. Boxhome measures just 19m2 so its easy to heat (a requirement in Scandinavia at least six months of the year), making it both an eco-friendly and economically sound housing option. Housed behind the minimalist geometric facade is the kitchen and dining room combo, a living room, a bathroom and a bedroom. The space may be limited, but this house isn’t about quantity – it’s about quality. According to the architects, the project is about the use of materials and light, and an efficient use of floor space, resulting in a housing option ¼ the price of comparable units in the area. While Boxhome is just a prototype, the design can be adapted to accommodate larger families. Rintal Eggertsson Architects



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