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Eco Design Lamps by Andriana Design

These Eco Design Lamps by Andriana Design are “impact pieces” that aren’t likely to be missed. Table Cubes ignore all classic lighting conventions, offering a fully functional table eco lamp with integrated illumination. Six-inch plexi squares are fixed and appear to float on a frosted-clear base. This contemporary aesthetic, coupled with the palette of vibrant colors, puts some pizzazz into a boring space. But if you prefer your lighting overhead, this company offers a full range of innovative eco design pendants too. The Cascades of Color table lamps boast more than 200 hand-worked glass rods, dangling from its square or rounded metal plate. The rich Amethyst color is right on trend. The plate measures 10 inches and stands 16 inches high. The base is available in the choice of dark walnut, natural mahogany, dark mahogany, high gloss white or custom finishes. Visit Andriana Design for more details.



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