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Eclectic Seaside House Design

eclectic seaside house design 1 thumb 630x420 31221 Eclectic Seaside House Design

There is a unwritten rule which says that Mediterranean houses must be flat-roofed and painted white. This holiday house, designed by Codo a Codo Arquitectura is no exception to the rule. The house has two floors, out of which the ground floor is dedicated to the social area and the upstairs to the private area. The house is painted white on the outside
and the inside, and the floors are covered with beige-grey tiles for a cool feeling in the summer. The floor treatment is consistent throughout the house, as the terrace and the stairs are covered in the same material. The kitchen is closed in order to keep the smells out of the living area. However, a window has been opened in one of the walls in order to facilitate service. The dining table, organized around the corner of the kitchen walls, has an organic shape an is supported by what looks like a part of a tree trunk. The other sides of the glossy white table top are attached to the walls directly. The table is surrounded by design chairs, and a pedant light that looks like a bird nest hangs above it.

eclectic seaside house design 2 thumb 630x947 31223 Eclectic Seaside House Design

The lamp is part of a series of nature-inspired accent elements spread all over the house. A collection of tree-root stools and benches have both a functional and decorative role.


The sitting area is cozy and eclectic, with a colorful striped rug and a mix of chairs and low tables that combine in harmony.


The covered terrace overlooks the pool and serves as outdoor dining space. The white table and chairs are accented by a sisal area rug and a tree root bench.


An organic sculpture in Corten and blue painted steel dominates the garden and the pool.


The stairs leading up the first floor is protected by a glass balustrade, thus keeping the volume open and transparent.


The bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms and are simple but tasteful, with the same Mediterranean design touch.




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