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Wow-Worthy Easter Dining table Centerpieces

Though the world might be going through a tough time, the holidays are still happening. While we might not be able to gather around and have a traditional Easter egg hunt, eat lots of food and celebrate we can still decorate for the children. Thus, why we have put together Easter dining table centerpieces that will not only wow you, but your kids will be just as delighted to help decorate the space. Furthermore, with a few tweaks, these ideas can be used all Spring/Summer long.

Floral bits

When in doubt, bring in flowers in bold hues and allow them to be the focus throughout. The bolder the shades the grander the room will appear.

Whether you love Spring, or you simply want to redecorate for Easter, florals are always in. Whether you love to use fresh flowers as your centerpiece or you simply want to add a hint of flowers here and there, the idea is to keep your table as magical and organic as possible. Blend a few shades of white, pink and yellow to fully embrace the idea of a floral touch.

Mismatch Patterns

The more patterns you add, the more unique the table will appear overall. It’s all about embracing the patterns you have and allowing them to be the focus whether that is by color or texture.

Why keep it minimal and chic when you can go bold and daring? Bring in patterned China such as stripes and pair it with patterned linen. The contrast will create a seamless appeal that makes the room feel new and fresh every time you step into it. Furthermore, they tell a refreshing story that is unique and offers character time and time again. Subsequently, bring in color to make the room feel contrasting with hints of individuality.

Classic, White & Pastel

Blend in metallic bits to give the classic appearance a little bit of charm that is modern and intricate.

One of the most classic color pairings for Spring and Easter is white and pastel. These two combinations simply work exceptionally well together. This decorating tip is all about keeping it authentic to the holiday. Therefore, you want to bring in colorful eggs, candy, pastel plates, and even cups. The key is spreading them around enough that the table doesn’t feel cluttered, but it does look put together. Furthermore, having an organic display will genuinely give the room an additional layer of texture.

Natural Plants

Simply bringing plants from outside will instantly brighten the room overall. Furthermore, it will add color and texture instantly.

If you truly want to take one decorating style and use it throughout the entire months of Spring, we recommend this one- natural plants. Bringing in natural plants to your open not only adds a layer of having the great outdoors directly inside, but it enables you to bring in color. Nevertheless, you can plant your new flowers or natural plants in fun pots that you can paint yourself. Not only will this give you a new activity to do, but you will be able to embrace a new color palette.

Ombre Eggs

Having a beautiful display of ombre eggs will instantly give the room a luxurious feel that just oozes sexy and modern bits.

Eggs are notorious for being a part of Easter, they are fun to decorate, fun to eat and the kids love finding them. Thus why we love the idea of having them as the main focus of the table. Bring in ombre eggs and make them the centerpiece of the table. You want to match your new-found eggs with your table décor. Doing so will make the décor feel fresh and new with just a hint of modern. Use a wood mold to give it a rustic take that makes perfect sense to the room.

Pretty in Pink

Bring in patterns in shades of pink to fully complete the look. You might even want to consider having darker shades of pink for a seamless contrast.

If you are a fan of feminine and elegant décor, pink is the color wave to seek. Due to it coming in multiple different hues and patterns, the shade itself is perfect for those that want to bring femininity to the fore-front, every time. Pair with fun patterns such as gingham, and weave in neutral hues for a blend that simply works every time. Blend with shades of white to make the room feel new and fresh every time.

Classic Books

Add books with a green spine to fully embrace the room and give it something vintage with hints of color.

While most of us love the idea of having a vintage library not all of us can afford it which brings us to this idea- putting classic books inside of glass cloche and making that the centerpiece. Not only will this add a classic, homey feel, but there is something interesting and almost Alice in Wonderland-like that makes this centerpiece idea wow-worthy and enchanting. Use rich gem shades for chic hues that complete the look.

Rustic Woodland

Bring in wooden plates to fully embrace the rustic touch you want the room to display.

There is something magic and intriguing about using rustic décor, particularly when you want to use a seamless decorating style that will weather the holidays and seasons. Bring in natural greenery and pair them with wooden items that make the room feel warm. We recommend styling moss covered eggs, eucalyptus, and anemones, and pairing them with wood elements that make the room come to life seamlessly.

Terrarium Bit

Put colorful plants inside of your terrarium to add a unique twist that enables the room to feel magical and chic.

Who doesn’t love a good terrarium moment? We sure do! They are interesting to look at, fun to make and you can create custom ones easily and effortlessly. Bring in unique flowers and allow them to be the focus of the table enabling your guests to guess what flower or plant is inside of it. It’s almost a guessing game that feels new and fresh every time. You can almost say this idea is a fun contrast to what you could have.

Simple Black & White

Simply adding a gingham black and white pattern will instantly give the room a natural aesthetic that feels new and chic.

Easter décor doesn’t always have to be pastel hues with white shades weaved in, sometimes it can be unique and more “grown-up.” That is where having a white and black display will come into play. The key is working with multiple different patterns that already have black and white weaved in. Pair your black and white display with a hint of pastel throughout for a soft touch that makes the room easy to fall in love with. Bring in a hint or two of Easter by displaying a bunny or two.

How will you be decorating this Easter? Share with us your quarantine ideas below.


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