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Earthy loft bedroom by Garfloor – Beauty in simplicity

A loft bedroom with a modest eastern design, that invites you to walk barefoot along the tile. The simple beauty of this space is found in the use of Italian tiling on floor that is earthy in appearance, complex in texture and impressive in its simplicity. The tile, reminiscent of earth, clay or stone, is set in a pattern of smaller squares that appear to frame the room and frame the bed. The wood beams of the gable create a natural and breathtaking expanse of ceiling and space that is timeless and forever a striking view. The only accessories in the room are three ceramic bowls, which continue the earthy motif set by the tile and wood, and add a bit of autumn colour. This collection, created by Garfloor, is titled “Earth” and is described as “a deep contact with Mother Earth’s warm breath”. The tile is available in seven colors, three sizes, and three types of mosaic.


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