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Durat recycled plastic solid-surface material by Tonester – 100% recyclable surfacing

As environmentally-friendly products are becoming increasingly valuable, products like Durat recyclable material are a stylish way to add some “green” to your decor. This recycled plastic solid surface material is 100% recyclable and is composed of 50% recycled plastic. Recyclable solid surfacing is a perfect way to add design flair to your home without harming the earth in the process. This durable and unique product was developed in Finland, and with over 60 exciting colors to choose from, offers much design flexibility when it comes to fabricating furniture, countertops, and other interior elements. The possibilities of creating sleek contemporary design are endless, as this bold tub and basin demonstrate. Solid surfacing like this Durat product can be molded into smooth, seamless forms to give any object a unique modern look. Sheets are available in the following size: 114.2” X 31.5” X .47”. Durat


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