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Stephen Burks for Dedon: Woven Perfection

Stephen Burks has created the most subtle, yet sophisticated outdoor pieces we’ve seen lately: Ahnda (chairs) and Dala (lanterns and planters). Look closely at the woven structure of the Ahnda chair (above and below). It’s made from soft bands of different shades for that elegant je ne sais quoi — or that certain something almost undefinable. It’s what Burks calls ‘transparent upholstery’ — the open weave and the high style. His master weavers construct this incredible chair by hand and the workmanship is solid. With or without the cushions — it’s a luxurious chair fully suited for outdoor use. But don’t limit yourself, it would look great in many indoor settings, too. There’s an innately tropical feel to a chair like this – it would be fantastic in a grouping around a low glass coffee table. Maybe in a light-filled loft, with lots of ferns and ceiling fans. Or position these strategically in a Moroccan-inspired room – the vibrant colors would certainly hold up. The cushions are available in a variety of styles and the chair comes in high or low back. A good reason to get at least two!

Cushions for the Ahnda chair are available in a variety of styles.
Stephen Burks’ lanterns and planters are latest edition to his Dala collection which won critical acclaim for both the design and the materials. With an external construction of expanded aluminum mesh, a proprietary Dedon material is woven through it — a material made from recycled food and drink packaging. How awesome is that? The material presents an almost leather-like texture but with the durability of metal. The open weave on the Dala lanterns create a beautiful light show at night, and a glass tube protects the candle from the wind. There’s a man-made leather handle for easy transporting and come in three sizes for easy groupings. The planters are available in two colors, stone or grass (the lanterns are only available in stone at this time). Planters come in two sizes with the large being close to three feet tall. They come with interior molded pots and sliders for easy moving. And like everything this industrial designer produces – they have great style. Stephen Burks for Dedon is a pairing we’d love to see more from!
More information: Dedon


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