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World’s First Floating Outdoor Living Room by Dedon: SwingMe and SwingUs

We just love the new line of suspended comfort and luxury from Dedon, masters of the outdoor lounging scene. So tropical, so sublime. Can’t you just see these pieces with planters on either side – a pineapple palm perhaps or a group of fern palms. How Hemingway – curl up in one and pen that novel you’ve always been meaning to write. The SwingUs is designed to seat two but is also a great spot for one person to stretch out with a good book. Note the wraparound backrests on both – they’re proportioned for the most comfortable experience possible. In a grouping, these make an incredible floating outdoor living room. But don’t be afraid to add a single piece to your existing patio, they are classic design that will mesh with whatever you’ve already got going. The soft summer breezes float through the air, some music plays in the background, cold drink in your hand – that’s the life. And this new collection stands up to the Dedon quality – arguably the best outdoor furniture available today. SwingMe, SwingUs, Swing everybody!

A loveseat built for two – or a great place to stretch out and read a book!
How tropical and exotic looking when you add a mosquito net!
More information: Dedon


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