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Contemporary Chair from Evitavonni – the Blue Chair projects vivid, dynamic power

Evitavonni Blue chair
There is something about the Evitavonni Blue Chair that is just so desirable. Its vibrant color makes a bold statement, making it an inevitable focal point for any room. The design, suitable for contemporary interiors, is truly iconic, the quilted effect with interspersed buttons playing with the norms of more traditional furniture. The Blue Chair, however, turns those norms onto their head with its truly cutting edge style. With a comfortable matching footstool, the chair is like a piece of interactive art… what could be better than to invest in an item that can be used and appreciated – rather than a piece of static art than is only looked at? The Blue Chair from Evitavonni is sure to last a lifetime – it’s a distinctive practical luxury with which to grace your home.
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